Property Image Ltd. is a professional property videography service covering all of Ireland. We cater to a variety of sectors including construction, industrial, business and real-estate. Using state of the art technology we create high quality promotional and marketing materials for our clients.


Aerial surveys using drone technology can capture footage that is not possible with ground-based photography. It allow clients and their potential buyers to appreciate the full scale of their properties and surrounding lands.

It also enables exploration of difficult to access areas in a manner which is quicker, more reliable and safer than other means.


A picture paints a thousand words and a video a thousand more.

Using the best quality equipment and footage we can create promotional material for a business or event. Producing a short, succinct video highlights a client’s unique brand and message.


Our time-lapse videos can create a more interesting and stimulating experience than still imagery or short video clips alone.

This allows clients to witness a “day in the life” of their projects in a visually engaging way, creating a story that unfolds as they watch. It can also be used to monitor the progress of construction and renovation projects.


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